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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Test Workshop Web Site

Our Fourth Workshop is set for October 29, 2013

The SV Test Workshop is pleased to announce our Keynote Speaker is Mark Roos.  Mark Roos is the founder and CEO of Roos Instruments, a position he has held since its inception in 1989.  Mark has a MSEE from Stanford and an MBA from Santa Clara University.  Mark is currently a board member of the SEMI/CAST effort to advance collaboration between ATE vendors,  a member of the ITRS committees on ATE and Adaptive Test and a contributor to the SEMI/CAST effort to create a new data logging standards.
Measurement technology has been the focus of his entire career starting with Hewlett-Packard Network Measurements Division in Santa Rosa where he was responsible for the microwave receiver and processing (i.e. “bottom box”) of the record-breaking HP 8510 Microwave Network Analyzer. After the enormous success of that network analyzer, Mark went on to lead the marketing efforts for HP’s RF and Scalar Microwave Network Analyzer products.

Mark Roos

Mark Roos

Adaptive Test and Big Data, the next step for Cost and Quality Improvement.

Seeking to drive down IC test costs, the industry constantly searches for new methods to reduce the cost of testing.  For many years a promising technology called adaptive test has been waiting in the wings.  So what is adaptive test? And what will it take to take advantage of its promises? For years, the IC industry has used a simple formula on the IC test floor,  combining conventional ATE with static test flows to determine whether a part passed or failed. In contrast, adaptive test makes use of the knowledge gained by testing to modify future test flows and conditions.  The advantage offered is to only test that which is necessary to guarantee part quality.  In addition by examining data one can make informed decisions on good vs bad.  But there is a caveat.  To do adaptive test we need accurate and complete data about the parts being tested.  Data which may come from wide ranging sources.  In this keynote Mark will discuss these needs and the efforts underway to satisfy them.  With this adaptive test will become a valuable tool in the test engineers tool box.

This is a low key and informal workshop with emphasis on current problems and solutions. We are encouraging plenty of informal discussion and debate and social networking with your peers. This year we will be co-locating the Workshop with the Silicon Valley PXI Workshop.

Silicon Valley index_clip_image002Workshop

The only show in the USA where you can;

  • Talk to technical specialists from many leading PXI suppliers & system integrators
  • Learn more about PXI through 7 informative seminar presentations
  • Experience firsthand the latest developments in PXI hardware & software

The Silicon Valley PXI Workshop is a one-day Technical Workshop and Exhibition focusing exclusively on the world’s most popular modular Test, Measurement and Automation platform.   Conceived and organized by a group of Test professionals, the workshop offers Design, Test & Production managers and engineers a convenient venue in which they can find out about the latest developments in PXI from the industry’s leading experts.  The event also presents a perfect opportunity for networking with both peers and suppliers in a relaxed and informal setting. The conference is a full day starting at 8AM and running to the evenings reception ending at 7PM.

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